About The Cognitio Team


Cognitio is a strategic consulting and engineering firm established and managed by a team of former senior technology executives from the U.S. Intelligence Community. Our accomplished team has a track record of serving companies across multiple sectors of the economy. We have proven past performance in safeguarding some of the nation’s greatest secrets while driving technology innovation. We enable companies to optimize and even reduce IT and Security spend while maximizing the contribution of technology to business outcomes.



RogerHockenberry_CircleHeadshotRoger Hockenberry

Roger is CEO, co-founder and partner of Cognitio. He is a proven technologist and business executive with over twenty years of experience working with all aspects of IT to assist enterprises in better utilizing technology to create, deploy and operate unique and innovative solutions and provide mission and competitive advantage. He is the former CTO for the National Clandestine Service of the Central Intelligence Agency where he helped shape mission capabilities across a broad spectrum of activities. Prior to this, Mr. Hockenberry served with the CIO to help create and realize the community cloud capabilities, future desktop and field architecture, large data initiatives and served as Chief of Cyber Defense.


BobFlores_CircleHeadshotBob Flores

Bob Flores is a co-founder and partner of Cognitio. Previously he was the President and CEO of Applicology Incorporated, an independent consulting firm specializing in information technology issues. Prior to this, Bob spent 31 years at the Central Intelligence Agency. While at CIA, Bob held various positions in the Directorate of Intelligence, Directorate of Support, and the National Clandestine Service. Bob was the CIA’s Chief Technology Officer where he was responsible for ensuring that the Agency’s technology investments matched the needs of its mission. In addition to his senior level leadership and management positions, Bob’s career included assignments in applications programming, training and education, contract and project management, and both line and staff management roles at various levels of the Agency.


Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley is a co-founder and partner of Cognitio and the publisher of CTOvision.com and ThreatBrief.com. Bob’s first career was as a naval intelligence officer, which included operational tours in Europe and Asia. Bob was the first Director of Intelligence (J2) at DoD’s cyber defense organization JTF-CND. Following retirement from the Navy, Bob was an executive with TRW and Northrop Grumman, and then returned to government service as the CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He is the founder of Crucial Point LLC. Bob was named one of the top 25 most influential CTOs in the globe by Infoworld and was named by Washingtonian as one of DC’s “Tech Titans.” Bob’s most recent book, The Cyber Threat, provides business executives with actionable insights into the threat landscape.


DavidHighnote_CircleHeadshotDavid Highnote

David is a co-founder and partner of Cognitio. He has a strong grasp of both technology and business and brings the unique perspective of a marketing and communications professional to the senior team at Cognitio, helping clients focus on bringing the right message to the right audience at the right time. David’s experience leading research, creating targeted content, and crafting messages to influence disparate constituencies provides a critical filter to every client engagement. He is known for accelerating speed-to-mission of capabilities by bridging the divide between sectors—providing insight into the most capable technologies (from ubiquitous to stealth-mode) and providing context to business leaders. He provides market and mission context, strategic counsel, critical evaluation, and bandwidth to teams building roadmaps for future-state vision.