October 4, 2016

Breakout Session 2.2  |  Cloud as a Transformation Engine 11:45  -  12:45 Breakout Session 2.2  |  Cloud as a Transformation Engine

Breakout Session 2.2 | Cloud as a Transformation Engine

Adam Gerhart
David Bray
Jack Wilmer
Shawna Wimpy
Todd Schwartzrock

The time between identifying a need, defining requirements, and fielding a technology-based solution used to be measured in months or years. By changing the nature of how compute, storage and memory are consumed by every enterprise, cloud computing has made it possible to compress this cycle to days, weeks or months. Utilizing cloud computing as a design style to help propel innovation, reduce cycle time and create an agile infrastructure will be the key to success in the future. This session will discuss ways that an enterprise can effectively use a cloud-first strategy to quickly transform and remain relevant.

Panelists will address questions such as:

  • How does an organization effectively use DevOps to drive innovation?
  • How can infrastructure be agilely redeployed to meet evolving needs?
  • How can cloud help an organization effectively reallocate human capital from commodity work to higher-value efforts?
  • What are the implications of shifting resources from “run” to “grow” and “transform”?
  • How can cloud accelerate speed-to-mission?

CompTIA CEU credits
1 credit: A+, Net+

Session Category :  Track 2: Getting Results from Innovation