CDR Chris Ward, (USN, Ret.)

Chris Ward

CDR Chris Ward, (USN, Ret.)

Strategic Advisor

Chris Ward has over 30 years of experience determining solutions for government Cyber and IT requirements and delivering solid warfighting capabilities. She has proven leadership managing technical programs related to the Department of Defense and a proven track record of providing innovative information technology solutions.

Building on her military background, Chris Ward has served as a strategic Consultant for the past ten years, seeking out optimum solutions to government problems by finding the best available commercial technologies. She has assisted Fortune 500 Companies, Startups, and Major Integrators in creating and implementing the most innovative solutions.

Chris Ward concluded her Naval career as Chief of Staff for Command, Control, Computers, Communications and Information Technology for Commander Naval Forces Japan. She was responsible for communications ashore for US forces throughout Japan, Korea, Singapore, Diego Garcia and Guam. She completed a major upgrade of these OCONUS networks under the Base Level Infrastructure Improvement program, completing on time and within budget and making a major improvement in connectivity between/among these bases. She supported the Seventh Fleet and deployed U.S. Naval vessels and worked extensively with Japan to improve bilateral and multilateral communications. Throughout her tour, she worked with U.S. Allies to upgrade and improve their multinational secure networks, paving the way for joint coalition operations.

Previously, she served four years at Naval Communications and Telecommunications Area Master Station (NCTAMS PAC). As Chief of Staff for the Navy’s largest tactical communications hub providing IP services to ships at sea, she was responsible for one of DISA’s largest TELEPORTs, maintaining 100% operational efficiency while providing robust multiband connectivity to surface, subsurface and aviation U.S. Forces in the Pacific. Prior to that she was the Operations Officer there, responsible for the Pacific Region Network Operating Center (PRNOC), the Joint Forces Tactical Operations Center (JFTOC), the Technical Control Center (which included the Automated Digital Network System (ADNS) and the Fleet Messaging Center. During this period, she maintained 24X7X365 communications throughout the Pacific for Joint Forces while additionally upgrading and maintaining over $500M worth of communications equipment. She expanded the site with the installation of the Global Broadcast System, which provided high volume intelligence to the warfighter. She assisted in the design of a major expansion to include KA, KU, MUOS and C band capability, which are currently being used throughout the Fleet.

She holds a Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School where she helped design communications satellites. Her thesis was “Attitude Control of Flexible Structures” where she designed the control systems for satellite antenna and solar panels.